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Send the link below via email or IM Copy. However, he decides to release Ismene because he says that she was not part of the crime.

Essay on Creon As The Tragic Hero In Antigone - Words | Bartleby

When the king holds Antigone captive, she complains that she will not experience the wedding song Westmoreland, The king runs to his seer Teiresias who warns him about the death of two men and insists that if he does not change his order the Thebans will turn against him. Likewise, the seer considers that a moment might come upon the king if he acts hastily. According to Teiresias because of the king has kept an unmasked soul he is going to lose one of is own blood to the Hades. Unfortunately, when the king runs to the chambers he hears a loud cry and gets worried.

King Creon finds his son holding Antigone who hangs by neck in fine linen.

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Before the king acts, Haemon spits on him and tries to attack him with a sword in vain Westmoreland, During this time, he turns the sword on himself and embraces Antigone before he collapses upon it. The belief that Antigone understands justice and applies it in the given situation leaves her without an option but martyrdom.

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She could just wait for a moment before committing suicide if she had a bit of self-doubt. At that moment, Haemon could have saved her. If she waited, much more King Creon would have rescued her too. A happy conclusion requires that she consider others to adjust their views to change her outlook of justice quietly.

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