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Description: This dissertation analyzes literary representations of Brazilian public works to explore questions about power and narrative. It explores how, from the s through the s, Description: A This dissertation explores, through colonial and postcolonial literatures and cinemas, the theoretical relationship between the formation of individual identity and the reproduction of meaning Description: The current thesis is an attempt to interpret the Portuguese New State and its Brazilian counterpart between from literary and cultural perspectives.

By dissecting Description: This dissertation considers the enduring influence of patriarchal discourse on Brazilian national identity and especially the relationship between fathers, family models, and socially rooted authoritarianism Description: This dissertation is a study of structures, images and performance of fetishism as cultural and literary strategies in the theater of Nelson Rodrigues. It explores Este estudo foca uma dessas This dissertation investigates Advisor Vieira, Nelson H.

Reader Brown University. Available to Brown-affiliated users only. University of Cincinnati.

Use of the Beck Depression Inventory in Northern Brazil

Ivanova, Nadezda. Meje neodvisnosti Evropske centralne banke.

Kosi, Hana. Kralj, David. Nisa, Israt. Banerjee, Sharmi. Novak, Adriana.


Vetrih Lapornik, Damjan. Namavari, Hamed. McManus, Thomas Andrew. George, Keller J H. Konopka, Mareen Kathrin. E Program. Richardson, Richara. Tobaru, Hiromi. Ravnikar, Katja. Campbell, Benjamin W. Democracy beyond representation: Constructing modern democracy and the problems of representation. Broersen, Pieter. Leiden University. Purser, Carola Midori.

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Butz, Jan Philipp. Potkalitsky, Nicolas J. Influence of transcription elongation rate on gene expression in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe. Vanrobaeys Yann. Predragovich, Krista Stires. Tratnik, Vid. Habitat use and activity patterns of Gopher Tortoises Gopherus polyphemus inhabiting military test ranges and forested sandhills at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Moore, William McGee. Ellis, Cathryn. Simon Fraser University.

Beattie, Mark A. Wilhelm, Thomas S. Rochester Institute of Technology. Parenting for Court Mandated Clients. Nassour, James. Comparison of criteria for road safety barrier installation in some countries of the european union. Ljubotina, Leonid. Zimmermann, David. Approximation algorithms for routing and related problems on directed minor-free graphs. Salmasi, Ario. Sun, Yi. Bourgeois, Miriam R.

Kehne, Philipp. Altus, Jillian.

Burke, Susan Marie. Antioch University. Rahman, Brian M.

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Universities, with a Focus on Japan. Mason, Thomas J, Jr. Consequences of Bank Stress Test Disclosures. Schmidt, Brent A.

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Universidade Federal do Amazonas. Integrating embodied narratives in narrative therapies for PTSD. Nagel, Giselle. Surgical and neurological adverse effects of epilepsy surgery. Bjellvi, Johan. Vournas, Danielle. Portland State University. Bahari, Jamal. Garcia Hilares, Nilton Alan. Thermosensory Transduction Mechanisms in Drosophila melanogaster. Kossen, Robert.

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Social and municipal influences on electric vehicle purchases. Fuller, Jordan M. Electrochemical and microscopic analysis of chemical signalling in biological systems. Larsson, Anna. Analiza hrupa v urbanem okolju proizvedenega v industrijski coni. Bender, Kathryn Elizabeth. Ritchey, Katherine.

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Rebuilding In Post War Syria.