Crime and justice research paper series

United States. Sunlight Foundation, Hall of Justice Inventory of public and privately-produced criminal justice data collected from to National Center for State Courts Independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to the improvement of justice. Includes Court Statistics Project and other publications. TracFed Access at Lamont Library An organization associated with Syracuse University that gathers, performs research, and distributes data about the activities of the federal enforcement and regulatory agencies. Must use at Lamont Library. Includes API for bulk data downloads.

Program Evaluation CrimeSolutions. Organizations Vera Institute of Justice Vera's extensive resource library, built up by decades of expert research, analysis, and real-world application. Vera produces a wide variety of resources about our work, including publications, podcasts, and videos, dating from to the present. National Center for Juvenile Justice Non-profit think tank that deals exclusively with juvenile justice.

Access to downloadable publications covering issues such as juvenile courts, corrections, and probation. Site includes keyword searchable database.

Crime and Justice Research Paper Series

Rutger's School of Law, Gray Literature Database Published by Rutgers School of Law Library, this searchable index links to online gray literature publications on all aspects of crime and criminal justice. Urban Institute, Justice Policy Includes policy briefs and reports on criminal justice topics authored by staff from the Urban Institute. Includes a report about the survey and research papers. International Crime Victim Survey Program of standardized surveys looking at household experiences with crime, policing, crime prevention, and feelings of unsafety in 23 countries.

International Centre for Prison Studies, World Briefs Statistics on prison systems and incarceration rates in over countries. UNODC Stastics and Surveys Global statistical series on crime, criminal justice, drug trafficking and prices, drug production, and drug use. University Sites Restorative Justice Database Created and maintained by the University of Toronto Centre of Criminology Library, this database includes citations to academic and practitioner literature from to the present.

Fact Sheet: Sentencing of Young Persons. Fact Sheet: Victims. Fact Sheet: Youth Records. Federal Victim Surcharge in Saskatchewan.

How sentences are imposed. Laying criminal charges. Legal Definitions of Elder Abuse and Neglect. No-Contact Orders. Preliminary Examination of so-called "Honour Killings" in Canada. Report on the Prevention of Miscarriages of Justice.

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Stalking is a Crime Called Criminal Harassment. Testifying with a Pseudonym Factsheet. Testimonial Aids for Children. Understanding Cases of Failure to Comply with a Disposition. Victim Privacy and the Open Court Principle. Victims of Crime - Research Digest No. Victims of Crime Research Digest No. Victim's right to information.

Violence Perpetrated by Ex-Spouses in Canada. Vulnerable Adult Witnesses: The perceptions and experiences of Crown Prosecutors and Victim Services Providers in the use of testimonial support provisions. Child Support Initiative: Research Framework. Child Support Processes Options for Canada.

Evaluation of the B. High-conflict Separation and Divorce: Options for Consideration. Making appropriate parenting arrangements in family violence cases: applying the literature to identify promising practices. Retroactive Child Support: Benefits and Burdens. Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. The Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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The Effects of Divorce on Children. Voice of the Child in Court Proceedings.

What Happens Next? Information for kids About Separation and Divorce.

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Contribution Funds for Non-govermental Organizations - a Handbook. Aboriginal Justice Strategy Annual Report Independent Review of the Extradition of Dr. Hassan Diab. Bill C S. Cyberbullying and the Non-consensual Distribution of Intimate Images. Corporate Criminal Liability - Discussion Paper.

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics and Ideas

Department of Justice Strategic Plan JustFacts: Indigenous overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. An analysis of the use of the Faint Hope Clause. An opinion on reform changes with respect to the principles and purposes of sentencing.

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Building Legal Literacy, Preventing Crisis. Closed-circuit Television for Young Witnesses.

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Considerations for determining parenting arrangements: factors that influence outcomes. Description and processing of Individuals found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder accused of "serious violent offences". Hate as an Aggravating Factor in Sentencing in Canada. What works to reduce prejudice and discrimination? Community Experiences of Sectarianism.

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Community Experiences of Sectarianism — Research Findings. Community Impact of Public Processions. What Works to Reduce Crime?